Thursday, 7 June 2018

Dear Mr Van Horn

Dear Mr Van Horn

Hello Mr Van Horn my name is Tidus and I am 12 years old, I will be turning 13 next
year on January.
I have a younger brother who is 1 years old and a older brother which is 15 years old.
I am actually Samoan but most people don’t believe me,
so I don’t tell them im samoan. My nana was born in samoa and that is why I have
samoan blood in me. My brothers name is Mikano and my little brothers
name is Kingsley, I have no sisters.

My favourite sport is soccer probably because my brother plays it,
and I quite enjoy watching his soccer games. All of my family love
gaming, especially this game that’s called Dark souls, I guess it just
runs in the family. I play the piano and just saying,
I really like Carl’s Jnr’s (Hardee’s) Big angus.

Things I don’t like at school is probably literacy I just don’t like reading books
and writing about what happened in it, but, I love maths. The only reason
I like maths is maybe because most of my friendss are in my maths class.
My goals for 2018 since it’s my last year at Pt England is to do my very best
until the very end. Anyway I have 2 questions for you, 1.
 (have you ever played on any type of console? If you have what console?)
2. ( What kind of takeaways do you like? example Mcdonalds)

Best Wishes


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