Thursday, 6 December 2018

Maori patterns

 These past 2 weeks the year 8s of Pt England School were drawing koru designs.
On the left is a photo of my koru I drew. The koru I drew doesn't really have a meaning, I just drew anything I felt like drawing. The first steps for drawing this koru, was to plan it out on a small piece of paper. After that you had to draw the same thing but on a bigger piece of paper. Then we had to paint our paper. The final steps we had to do was scribble the back of our paper and draw it over a big piece of wood, doing that will outline what you drew on your paper, onto the piece of wood. Finally I painted it, and that picture on the left is what it turned out to be.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


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Why did the tea bag float when we burnt it? To make a tea bag float you need to empty the tea bag. Then put air in it, after that light the top of it and once all of the tea bag burns it will float up in the air eventually turning into ashes. This happens because the air inside the tea bag warms up causing it to rise up.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Astria Game review

This weeks Extension class played a game called Astria. It was kind of hard but I got the hang of it. Astria in my opinion is a strategy/adventure type game. The only thing I hated about that game was all the reading. But overall its a good game.
Me and my friend Marshal had to work together and talk about what we were thinking. The game is about an asteroid that is going to hit a planet and it's you're job to save it.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady pink

Sandra Fabara aka Lady Pink uses line colour and shape in her artwork. Lady pink draws quite a lot of woman to show how girls can do anything and all girls should be equal with men.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

What makes a good leader

What makes a good leader?
What makes a good leader to you? I think a great leader a
role model and a person that encourages others is a good
leader to me.
A great leader is someone that helps people with
something they don’t know how to do, just like a teacher.
Just teach them a thing or to. An example of a great leader
is Bill Gates who has donated 50 million dollars to charity.
You could also get people to think you are a great role model.
Ways to do that is maybe help people cross the road or help
carry their groceries. Or you could donate a lot of money to
charity like Bill gates and you would probably be well known
in some places.
Maybe you can encourage others and get to know everyone,
have little chats together. Just try to be a well known person
for doing good, that way it makes you feel like a good leader
and others will think you are a great role model.
Remember to help people be a role model and encourage
others. You might get some good back, just try to do
something that will help someone every once in a while.