Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Pt England Catches some Flounder

On Wednesday 27th of September our whole school, Pt England went down to the beach to watch some students catch some flounder. While they were catching Flounder our whole school sang two waiatas. After we all finished singing. We all said "Catch some flounder oi" And "We love you Flounder team. Then we all walked back to school and continued our work.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Tidus Tables Master 13TB

This is my tables master times table.
Today I did 13 times Tables and got 19 Seconds.
My name for tables master is either Noob Tidus or Spongebob. Or any kind of character you could think of in Spongebob. If you wanna try beat me on tables master here is the link --> Tables Master

Friday, 22 September 2017

Tidus Room 4 Taste Test

This week from Monday to Friday my class, room 4 did some taste testing. While I was doing work I saw Mrs Judd walk in and out from different classes grabbing people to do some taste testing. Mrs Judd is my teacher just saying. The taste testing was for our manaiakalani film festival. When I saw one of my friends walk inside my literacy class and call out my name, I knew that it was my turn to do some taste testing. So I went with my friend down to the tusitala, which is a room next to one of our netball courts. We did the taste testing in groups of three. I was a little bit excited when I first got there, but not as much as the other two people that were with me. I was a little bit nervous because I never knew what yuck gross slimy kind of food I was going to touch. Mrs Judd put down something on the table, then she said "Go" All three of us reached out our hands to touch what seemed like a sticky stick. I was relieved because it didn't feel that weird. But right now im gonna leave the thing that I was touching a secret. If you want to find out what I was touching then go and watch Pt Englands Manaiakalani Film Festival. Which is going to be held next term at the movies. If you dont make it then just go onto the Manaiakalani film festival Website Link here - Manaiakalani. Anyways lets get back to the story. 
After all three of us tasted all of the stuff. That was the end, turned out not all the food that Mrs Judd gave us was super yuck gross or slimy.